Being the Parent, Not Just a Facebook Friend

When you become someone’s friend on the largest social networking site, there are a number of privileges that come with that brand new Facebook Official connection. You can see what other friends they have, and you can pore over the many photos posted documenting exciting events in their life. You can even be updated via the Newsfeed the second they fall into or out of a relationship.

 All these things and more can be done just by being someone’s Facebook friend. But will being your teen’s friend  allow you to help him or her be smart and safe on Facebook? Some parents think so, which is why they decide to monitor their kids’ Facebook account by ‘friending’ them.

 The problem is (the whole teens not wanting to ‘friend’ their parents issue aside), this is not an effective way for parents to monitor their teen’s Facebook account. This is because Facebook makes it extremely easy for people to block content from ‘friends’, even if those friends are their parents, without anyone knowing what happened. If the kid finds blocking things from parents to be too daunting of a process to do every time they want to “KPC”, blocking can even be made a default setting.

 This is just one reason why parents choose GoGoStat Parental Guidance as a responsible alternative to ‘friending’ when it comes to helping their teens be smart and safe online. Most moms and dads will agree that kids need parents, not more Facebook friends.

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